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Welcome to LinguaVision, home of quality foreign language translation.

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Hi, it's nice of you to visit.
Our aim in in life is simple - to help
make your company's multilingual  sales, marketing and related communications more effective.
Our focus is quality foreign language translation worldwide, so we have quality assurance systems established with our channel partners throughout the
available universe.
Here on the web, where there are lots of very cheap software solutions for translation why use human translators? It's about quality Karamba really. We use automating technologies sure, but when you've read an on-line translation, well, would you like your web site to read that way?
With our partners we understand business imperatives as well as translation; so we develop innovative strategic and integrated translation solutions for SME's and often working as lead agency for large multinationals.
And we can do this in the Czech Republic or China or 36 other countries.
Our philosophy, on the days we feel sufficiently intellectual to have one,
is to
do what we say we'll do.

Meantime we're too experienced to hype - in web terms we're positively ancient - and we no longer suffer fools.
This is not to say we're not gung ho.
For although marketing fashions may change, without the

bedrock of principle
in all things neither a Company, team or individuals can grow.
If you're our kind of people, and you'd like to do business, pick up the phone
and call right now
+ 44 17 84 46 38 80 or email here
OK, enough with the commercials. Enjoy. (If you're in a real hurry just pick up some brochures

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