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Translation QA, always done

LinguaVision Translation: Quality of Service

We determine your requirements and match our services to them. In addition, we offer the assurance that all our translations are technically accurate and stylistically appropriate, carried out by proven professionals, subjected to mandatory quality procedures and delivered in accordance with your expectation and instruction.
Determining Translation Quality
Assessing the quality of a translation can be a very subjective exercise if specific guidelines are not provided. The greatest cause of dispute over whether or not a translation is correct is undoubtedly style - because everybody has an opinion on style.
Maintaining Quality Standards
To maintain our quality standards we have established quality procedures - part of ISO 9001 accreditation.
On average we have 21 quality controls and checks on each piece of translated work. These rigorous quality checks are carried out in conjunction with established benchmarks and success criteria. Thus we firmly guarantee the accuracy of our translations.
We build glossaries of regularly used words and phrases. This reduces the need for research or double checking word usage; and they help to deliver consistent translation. The glossaries, which we create and maintain, remain your property.