international Business to Business translations; simultaneously in the languages you need


LinguaVision: Translation

If you're marketing internationally you need to communicate in the local language.
Pidgin English may be the business language, but Chinese is the most used world-wide.
Think about that.
More than one billion Chinese consumers; one market, one language.
It's why we set up in Beijing. Meantime specialising as we do in international Business to Business Accounts we help put together the whole ball of wax - Advertising, Marketing collaterals, Telesales, Direct Response Marketing, WWW and Internet marketing - simultaneously in the languages you need. Project dependent we use translation productivity tools -  computer assisted and machine translation. We can proof language versions of most documentation on-line around the world.
Just think of the time and cost saving.
One brief - and the entire integrated approach is put on your desk.
And we're in a
lot of countries too.