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LinguaVision Translation:
Desk Top Publishing

As part of our service we naturally offer high grade DTP - both document origination and  foreign language versions. If you send us the electronic files we can put the language in the page, proof read in the target country and return the files to you. If the job is to be printed we can also provide a print quotation - and deliver the finished product.
If you haven't worked in foreign language publishing before here are a few tips that we've picked up over the years.
Remember that translation expands by up to 25%.
You can take care of this 3 ways.
Leave plenty of white space around the text.
Reduce the font size to make the text fit.
Ensure you ask that the translation is made to the same character count -but this costs more.
Don't put head sub heads in a second colour. Normally you'll arrange for the colour section to be run and then the text to be printed seperately in black.
If the sub heads are in a second colour you'll have to run them seperately for each language because the translation will be different.
If you must differentiate with colour try underlining or use a colour block that can be overprinted.
Make sure the line or the block is large enough for the longest translated word.
Naturally there's a lot more to it - simultaneous web and print publishing - but this site is not a teach-in; some software does it, others do not. We tread an experienced path on both PC and Mac platforms.
But if you want to save time through higher quality and integrated operations you've finally found the right people.