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Our team is united by a passion for language, driven by the web. Our  experience is rooted in creation and project management of foreign language solutions for mainly blue chip multinationals; since 1994 we have incorporating  web technologies.
The original mission and ethos statements were written following a study program of Stephen Covey's "Successful Habits".
But having a mission and ethos statement avails nothing if they are not practised by everyone in the company. We try for continuous excellence; sometimes we fail, but mostly, by trying hard on a daily basis  we maintain our standards, and improve something, somewhere.

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LinguaVision: Mission & Ethos

Our mission

Our mission is deliver outstanding solutions for foreign langauge challenges.

Our Ethos

We exist to serve our clients; interdependent companies and individuals sharing ideas and experience to create e-business solutions synergistically.
We seek excellence, not perfection.
We strive for excellence through tested experience, skill and attention to detail.
We empower and are empowered to share experience and ideas openly; our strength comes from the power of shared creative energy providing dynamic win/win solutions.
We maintain an ethos centred on balanced principles.
We maintain integrity before profit.
We are pro-active.
We maintain relationships through mutual awareness, empathy, honesty, humour and promises kept.
We live in the solution, not the problem.