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automatic translations

LinguaVision Translation:
Machine Transaltion

Machine translation actually translates automatically from one language to another. It can take the form of a dedicated piece of hardware or more usually a software program, but the work to be translated must be in a digital format to begin with. So far, the best M.T. solutions deliver 80% accuracy (some claim 98%  but when you read the hype you wonder - and pay little or no heed to style.
The best use of M.T. is for translation of non-critical correspondence or reports, emails, chat and some web pages - our e-strategy partner implements solutions for on-line translation of email and sales responses during e-commerce transactions.
We keep a close eye on these and other developments, including automated voice translation. We are
constantly searching for the most cost-effective solutions; if we think one will work for you, you'll read about it here.
Meantime, you may well ask, how can a translation company stay in business given that so much translation is done on the fly across the Net for free. Well, it's horses for courses. When language is mission critical, it needs that human touch.