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LinguaVision Translation:
the world is a multicultural village

The global village is reality. And as in any village, information and gossip, conjecture and fact, are available instantly.
For companies, this reality is the biggest challenge they face. Experts suggest that business now has just 12 months from the first glimmer of a new product idea to national distribution.
If you've thought of it, someone, somewhere, has thought of it too.
For any company this has sobering implications – especially when exporting or marketing multinationally. The more sophisticated a product or service the more likely it is to require explanation; and documentation is a major part of new product implementation.
Whatever the medium or the message, one thing is for sure; it's easier for consumers to make a judgement or decision if you speak to them in their own language.
It makes sense to forge business partnerships with single-source suppliers - who get it right first time.
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