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LinguaVision Translation: Pricing

You only pay for what we do
We charge per word of the translated work - not rounded up to the nearest hundred or thousand words.
There are exceptions of course - original copywriting or glossary building etc. These are usually charged hourly.
Translation charges approximate to $14.50 US Dollars, or Ј9 UK pounds, per 100 words. Expensive countries - Scandinavia, Japan etc will cost more; China, Russia and Eastern Europe cost less. Hourly rates start at Ј25 - country dependent and it's sometimes necessary to charge for project management depending on complexity.
This is the price for translating the work in target country by subject experts, checking it with another subject expert and then liaising with your local country executives before we return it you.
If you want us to use an editorial style expert who will also liaise with your local office, add 25%; for copywriting add 50%.
Remember, translation expands between 10% and 25% from one language to another. If your work is to be simultaneously published with other languages versions we will need to edit the text to fit.
If you'd like an estimate email here, attach the the file or let us know the application, word and page count and the languages you require