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LinguaVision Translation: Style

Regrettably, politics are alive and well even in translation.
Analysis has shown that criticism is steepest when the recipient had previously organised the work themselves. Moreover, the criticisms are generally points of style - as in "I wouldn't have written it like that".
Style is subjective; but it can be more specific. You can specify if the work is a technical data sheet, a multi-lingual consumer magazine or an ad campaign. All need accurate translation; but they also need a different type of approach.
Aware of these situations we've developed systems that progressively eliminate the problem and allow you to stay in control.
We arrange for a test translation to benchmark style and quality and we agree success criteria against which the work is maintained.
Equally importantly we arrange to keep your local people in the loop. Our in-country style Editors and translators liaise directly with your local office to validate translation quality and style. Any comments are noted and incorporated - our service becomes better through continuous improvement and consistent contact.
And, politics aside, we genuinely appreciate the local office input as a means of ensuring local market accuracy.
When we return your work your overseas colleagues have already approved it - and your time to market is reduced.